BORJENN Co. Ltd was founded in 1994 at Guanlian industrial park in Taichung Harber.
In 2005, the Doctor Pellet product line was introduced.

We mainly sell high molecular materials-thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). All of our products have obtained ISO9001, and other international certifications such as SGS, UL, FDA, TUV, etc.

The company has modern production equipment and product testing instruments, as well as a number of experienced technicians and high-quality technology managers.

For the thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), we provide customers with a variety of specifications and performance on strength, durometer, inflaming retarding, matte surface, glossy surface, abrasive resistance and so on.

The serial products of Doctor Pellet have the following advantages:
  • To process by direct injection molding, or production after the second injection molding;
  • Adhering tightly and covering products of PP, PE, PS, ABS, PC, PA, etc.
  • To cover with the hand shank after direct injection.

Electronic Equipments
electric wire, linker, outlet, mouse wheel, antenna of cell phone casing, buttons on remote control and soft vibration abatement . (It has good anti-ultraviolet and insulating property and it won’t produce the harmful substances when it’s burning.)
Sports equipments
hand shanks ( golf, bicycle, ski equipments, waterproof Equipments, etc.), diving apparatus(flippers, goggles, snorkel, flashlight, etc. ), artificial bait, knee pad, mask, ski goggles& tape, rubber strip for chest protector, grip dynamometer, etc.
Daily Necessities
handles (knives, combs and soft plastic-cover on toothbrush), foot cushion, sexual products, nipple, table mat, cap liner, backpack base, and other rubber products.
Auto Parts
fender, gear cover, door and window seals, gaskets, steering wheel, dust cover, pedal board, projector lamp shell, motorcycle (bicycle) hand shank ,etc.
Hand Tools
handles of screwdriver & hammer, handcart wheel and rubber housings of electric tools.
Writing Materials
rubber, pen cap, plastic pad and plastic housings of flexible rule.
Medical Devices
soft digital thermometer, infusion tube, bulb pump(bulb irrigation syringe), surgical tape ,gas mask, etc.
teething stick, mollusks, toy car tires, steering wheel cover, elastic ball, etc.
Plastic Modifier
It's good to increase the property of cold resistance, liquidity, elasticity and flexibility